peguiron luthier violon violoncelle alto


samuel peguiron luthier violon violoncelle alto

Samuel Peguiron,

Maître Luthier.

Trained at the Swiss violin making school, Samuel Peguiron worked in many european workshops, such as the Master Willem Bouman worshop, in Holland.

He opened his workshop in Nancy in 1983 and since this moment, his instruments are made with the best european woods, dried for more than 30 years and varnished with oil. He takes his inspiration from techniques of the first italians violin makers, in terms of both acoustic and design. He crafted more than 50 violins, 20 violas and 30 cellos. 

His instruments travel around the world in the hand international reputation musicians such as : Jean Christophe Spinosi (Ensemble Matheus), Zbigniew Kornowicz (Orchestre de Picardie),  Elisabeth Glab (Orchestre National),  Pr LiuHong (Université du Henan, Chine), Eva Zavaro.

Above all, Samuel Peguiron is a passionate man. He is a member of the ALDAFI ( a french association of violin maker ) and the COLOFIN (a regional assiociation).

It is this passion that drives him towards excellence and towards making instruments that are always warmer and more efficient. He was rewarded with the first sonority pirce of Cello in 2011 in Montpellier and in 2012 in Paris at the Musicora exhibition.

peguiron luthier violon violoncelle alto

They trust me :

peguiron luthier violon violoncelle alto

They trust me :